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This website is a personal website for Ace Pokémon Trainer, Alex. My last name is of no consequence. I have been playing Pokémon since it first came out in 1998 when I was 10. I have stuck with the series for the most part all of my life. This site if for my own musings on the series, as well as detailing my shiny and competitive Pokémon. I plan to keep up my blog here as well as post any interesting thoughts of happenings of mine. So sit back and enjoy.

Ace Trainer Alex's Pokémon Games

Red Version

Yellow Version

Gold Version

Silver Version

Ruby Version

Sapphire Version

Emerald Version

FireRed Version

LeafGreen Version

Pearl Version

Platinum Version

SoulSilver Version (with Poké Walker)

White Version

Black 2 Version

X Version

Alpha Sapphire Version

Red Version (3DS)

Non-Main Pokémon Games


Stadium 2


Colosseum (with Jirachi Bonus Disc)

XD: Gale of Darkness


Battle Revolution


Ranger: Shadows of Almia

Ranger: Guardian Signs

My Pokémon Ranch