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03 June 2016

Well, as of a month ago, I have completed the National Pokédex in my Alpha Sapphire (and subsequently my X) Version. With the Shiny Charm in hand, I can now breed for more shiny competitive pokemon! Haha! Also, you will note, I've removed the Competitive Pokémon page from my site. Well... I've made more than I care to keep track of. Part of me is considering making a page for Event Pokémon I have and can, thus, clone for trade. Might do something similar with my Shiny Pokémon page. I don't know. We'll see what I can do.

04 March 2016

Updated my Blog on here. Been busy and I'm gaming as I type this, so keeping things brief. I might update more later if I can remember. Been busy with college lately, so I haven't been keeping up.

17 October 2015

I have finally updated my Shiny Pokémon page with information regarding the shinies I have. Editing the Competitive Pokémon page will take much longer for me, as I can't remember most of the EVs of the Pokémon I've trained. But I will see about getting around to that at some point. 

03 July 2015

Well I've finally come back to my website and decided it is time to dust this thing off. I plan on redoing my competitive and shiny pages on this site soon so that everything looks more streamlined and smooth, rather than clunky images. I've been in a rather Pokémon-y mood lately and have been doing a few things here and there. I will also try to keep updated on blogs, maybe even post some recorded battle videos here and there if I can remember to. Fun stuffs! So look forward to seeing this site back in use again!

09 January 2015

Posted a new blog entry (first of the year!) about my experience with online battling on Alpha Sapphire. Nothing big, and mostly venting and expressing my personal views. Anywho, I hope you all had a great New Years and will have a great 2015. I will try to keep up with this site as best as I can. I already see a few points I need to modify here and there.

18 December 2014

I have updated pretty much every page of my site today! On the About page, I added a method of contacting me through email. In my Blog, I outlined the latest Pokémon I have trained. Both my Competitive and Shiny Pokémon pages have also been updated with the same Pokémon. Many thanks to my friend, Alex, for trading me Mizore! She will be well kept! To everyone else, feel free to take a look-see!

16 December 2014

I managed to post just about every shiny I have onto my Shiny Pokémon page. Just gotta go through my boxes one more time to check for sure. Also I posted the first of my Blogs as well as the first of my Competitive Pokémon. Took me a while to make a template I liked. But it works! Anywho, I will post more in those areas as time progresses, so please enjoy what's up currently.

16 December 2014

So I have decided to make a new website just for my own personal happenings in Pokémon. Figured it'd be a nice time-passer. So if there are any interesting developments, I will post them either as news or in my blog or in any other page I might make. I don't usually update any websites I make all too often, but this one is more about just me and my goings-on, so we'll see how it goes. Gonna see if I can make a page for my Shiny Pokémon, and maybe another detailing my Competitively Trained Pokémon. If I can get those up, as well as figure out how to use the blog and the new way is used, I can get a well-made site going just for my Pokémon doings.