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Bulba Breeding

Posted by Alex on October 17, 2015 at 8:10 PM

So since I have a Shiny Charizard and a Shiny Blastoise (both of which I have obtained from others in one fashion or another), I have decided to round out the trio and breed for myself a Shiny Venusaur. So far I have the IVs close to where I want, the Nature exactly what I want. The Ability is tricky, but I have a chance at it. Now all comes down to the parents.

Additionally, I have transferred to my Alpha Sapphire a crapload of my other Pokémon to help fill up my Living Dex, in the hopes of getting the Shiny Charm soon. I've left a few strong Pokémon behind in my X Version to help with seeking things out there, so we'll see how things go. If I can get the complete Pokédex in my Alpha Sapphire, I can transfer and transfer back certain ones to help get the Shiny Charm in X Version as well, thus helping both games get better chances at those elusive Shinies.

Categories: Pokedex, Shiny, Competitive

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